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Amanda Lewis

My Story

A wide-eyed student and eager professional to a teary-eyed, frustrated job seeker, to a four-eyed, ‘enlightened with purpose’ millennial. This was my journey.

Hey, I am Amanda Lewis and I am so glad that you found me! I am a Communications Strategist, Career Coach, Workshop Facilitator, and the Founder/Managing Director/ of Phoenix Transformations Career Counselling (PTCC).

My specialty is to help you with your career objectives.

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Career Coaching

I help my clients to design a career rooted in passion and purpose using my Triple A Career Development Framework.

Interview Preparation

Do you wish to build your confidence and comfort in selling your strengths to employers? We will simulate different types of interviews and response strategies.

A La Carte Coaching

Here you have the option to mix and match my services based on your unique needs. You have five (5) modules to select from.

Resume/CV and Cover Letter Writing

Resume and Cover Letter service is the most demanded service as more people would like to better represent their personal brand.

LinkedIn Profile Writing

Your LinkedIn profile serves as more than just a ‘digital resume.’ It stations your career personal brand.

Design your Coaching Package

Career Coaching Modules



We create your Value Proposition 



We create your Job Search Strategy 



We create your Networking Strategy



We build your Confidence 



We build your Personal Branding & Achievement Kit

Mix and match to customize your coaching experience based on YOUR NEEDS.

Training Programmes

‘Brand Me' Career Development Bootcamp

Brand Me is an intensive 10-day online course designed to provide job search solutions.

Brand Me

12 Video Lessons || Workbooks and learning materials || Quizzes || Templates, Tools, Scripts and Tricks|| Special Awards
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‘Tired to Hired’ Resume Writing Training

Tired to Hired is a 6-week Resume writing online course customized to help you sell WHO you are and WHAT you can offer the company.

'Tired to Hired'

12 Video Lessons || Workbooks and learning materials || Quizzes || Resume Templates
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Disruptive Job Hunt Training Programme

This 6-week programme equips you with the knowledge, tools, and strategies to design your own work conditions and attract more job opportunities.

Disruptive Job Hunt

10 Video Lessons || Workbooks and learning materials || Quizzes || Templates, Tools, and Tricks||
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