Your job is to identify your career goal. My Job is to help you achieve that goal!

My Story

Amanda Lewis

Amanda Lewis Communications Strategist

A wide-eyed student and eager professional to a teary-eyed, frustrated jobseeker, to a four-eyed, ‘enlightened with purpose’ millennial. This was my journey. Hey, I am Amanda Lewis and I am so glad that you found me!

I am a Communications Strategist, Career Coach, Workshop Facilitator, and the Founder/Managing Director/ of Phoenix Transformations Career Counselling (PTCC). Back in 2016 I had a major lightbulb moment which gave birth to PTCC.

Drawing from years of professional and personal experiences, I customize transformative career development sessions done either one-on-one, in a specific group or in workshop/presentation format.

Your job is to identify your career goal. My job is to help you achieve that goal! With Southern Hospitality, I can help you with your Job Search Strategy, Resume/CV, Cover letters, LinkedIn Profile, Interview Preparation, Career Personal Branding, Image Management, and Solopreneur Career.

Aspiration without action I won't prescribe

- Amanda Lewis

Meet Amanda

A Little about me

Looking back now I should have known that counselling and coaching would have been crucial components in my career. At my Secondary school, my peers would always come to me to counsel on academic, social and personal issues. I just thought that they sought me out because I was easy to talk to. I had no clue that it was my calling.

Fast forward to my Tertiary education…I had HUGE aspirations to become a Psychologist because the writing was on the wall…right?! Well let’s just say Statistics was NOT my cup of tea and it was a compulsory course in the Psychology program 😣 I was more of a language student. Give me words any time, any day and I’d be fine. But, after failing a year-long Hispanic Literature course for my Spanish degree, I switched my Major from Spanish to Communication Studies with a Minor in Sociology.

The switch was mainly because I did not want to spend more than 3 years doing my degree. Looking back now I accept it as fate because I developed a deep passion for the diverse world of communication. Graduating with my Bachelors’ in 2009, I was ready to step out in my heels, hand bag and tailored suit to eat the world!

Now my career journey, like many ambitious job seekers, was not a bed of roses. From 2012 to 2015, I suffered from crippling Imposter Syndrome and developed a damaging defeatist attitude after being rejected so many times. During that time, I was sending out job applications aimlessly; desperate for someone to NOTICE my talents and ambition. The few interviews I attended were fraught with interrogating questions on my career history and employment gaps. All I wanted to yell was “It is not my fault that the available jobs are all short-term contracts!”

PAUSE: That was the ignorant Amanda…….UNPAUSE

Years passed by. I went back to school to obtain a Masters in Human Communication, had a beautiful baby girl, and struggled to keep myself together as a Stay-at-Home Mother. Staying at home was not by choice. I did not get to choose whether or not I wanted to contribute my skills to Society.

PAUSE: This was when I felt like a Feeble Dependent to my Ex-Spouse…….UNPAUSE

It was during the lowest point of unemployment where I decided I had to employ myself. I decided to use my skills to help other job seekers marry their strengths with their passion. PTCC was born through research, practice and faith. I had to burn like the Phoenix. I had to transform my mindset and strategy. I had to be reborn! I became obsessed with empowering and promoting self-mastery among job seekers and anyone doubtful of their talents. From 2016 to present day, my personal vision remains the same: “To create a Talent Utopia where everyone knows and understands HOW to use their superpower to generate shared progress.”

Lew Career Development (2016), trading as Phoenix Transformations Career Counselling (PTCC), is an Integrated Career Development Service and Training hub for Graduates, Entry, Mid-Level and Senior Employees, Career Changers, and Solopreneurs. Coaching and Training are based on best practices for Job Hunting, Resume Writing, Job Interviewing, and Personal Branding. We Assist Small to Medium businesses with Recruitment activities. You might be asking yourself if we can work together. Let me help you by asking a few questions:
  1. Are you currently employed, underemployed, and frustrated with your current situation?
  2. Are you exhausted from working in a toxic job environment with no real connection to the role and the company?
  3. Are you dying to emerge a transformed professional with insights on building your Dream Career by marrying passion with purpose?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, I would LOVE to work with you because I WAS where you ARE at now.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to receive Career Guidance, Coaching and support from someone who understands the struggle and genuinely cares about your professional transformation?