Training Programmes

‘Brand Me' Career Development Bootcamp

Brand Me is an intensive 10-day online course designed to provide job search solutions. You will learn how to identify and embrace your talents, package them effectively, and market them to the employer(s) of your choice. This blended learning course will force you to identify and remove self-inflicted obstacles so you can better position yourself in the job market. The overall objective of this programme is for you to develop a growth mindset towards your career development and advancement.

12 Video Lessons ||  Workbooks and learning materials || Quizzes || Templates, Tools, Scripts and Tricks|| Special Awards


  1. Self-Evaluation
  2. Research & Analysis
  3. Personal Branding Tools
  4. Personal Branding Presentation
  5. Positive Mindset

‘Tired to Hired’ Resume Writing Training

Your Resume is not ‘just a tool’ to assist you in landing a job. Your Resume is a Personal Brand document that ought to highlight WHO you are and WHAT you can offer to your target company. Tired to Hired is a 6 -week Resume writing online course that is customized to be self-paced or guided.

12 Video Lessons ||  Workbooks and learning materials || Quizzes || Resume Templates


  1. 21st Resume Writing Quick Facts
  2. The top three (3) things that employers/recruiters look for in your resume.
  3. The Benefits of quantifying your work experience.
  4. Formula and Metrics for quantifying your work experience.
  5. Creating Achievement Statements using the CAR approach.

Disruptive Job Hunt Training Programme

We are facing some peculiar economic times which started even before Covid-19. Jobs are available and are posted regularly on job boards and on social media platforms. However, the type of job YOU want, the TITLE you imagine yourself occupying, and the type of organization you prefer, depend on how DISRUPTIVE you are willing to get with your job hunt. This programme equips you with the knowledge, tools and strategies to design your own work conditions and attract more job opportunities.

10 Video Lessons ||  Workbooks and learning materials || Quizzes || Templates, Tools, and Tricks||


  1. What is the ‘Hidden Job Market?’.
  2. Steps to tap into the ‘hidden’ job market.
  3. Creating unsolicited job applications (Cover Letters and Resumes).
  4. ATTRACT, Don’t CHASE – Optimizing your LinkedIn profile.

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