Career Coaching

I help my clients to design a career rooted in passion and purpose using my Triple-A Career Development Framework – Awakening, Alignment, and Application.

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Phoenix Triple A Career Development Framework

I use the Phoenix Triple A Framework to shape all coaching programs as it incorporates mindfulness, transformation and personal brand development. 

Awakening Revisit your values, skills & contributions. Also become aware of Job Market changes.

Alignment – Focus your energy on companies & positions that are in alignment with your career brand.

Application – Apply the knowledge of self & the job market to create compelling Cover letters, Resumes & LinkedIn Profiles.

'Accelerator' Programme - 1 Month

'Accelerator' program - 1 month

  • Pre-coaching questionnaire to diagnose job search challenges and fast track success.
  • Pre-coaching strength and personality assessments.
  • FOUR (4) – 1 hour Phone/Zoom power sessions.
  • Unlimited Email Communication.
  • Complementary Mock Interview Session.
'Pinnacle' Program - 3 Months

'Pinnacle' program - 3 months

  • Pre-coaching questionnaire to diagnose challenges and fast track success.
  • Pre-coaching strength and personality assessments.
  • TWELVE (12) – 1 hour Phone/Zoom sessions.
  • Unlimited Email Communication.
  • Unlimited Job search support.
  • Three (3) Mock Interview Sessions.
'Intensifier' Program - 6 Months

‘Intensifier' program - 6 months

  • Pre-coaching questionnaire to diagnose challenges and fast track success.
  • Pre-coaching strength and personality assessments.
  • TWENTY FOUR (24) Phone/Zoom sessions: In depth exploration of yourself, your goals and Action plan.
  • Unlimited Email Communication and Job search support.
  • Six (6) Mock Interview Sessions.

Interview Coaching

'Vocal Star' Program - 1 Month

'Vocal star' program - 1 month

  • Pre-Coaching questionnaire to diagnose job interview challenges.
  • Pre-Coaching strength and personality testing.
  • FOUR (4) phone/zoom practice and evaluation sessions
    To build confidence and articulation.
  • Zoom recordings for future reference.
  • Unlimited email communication.
Mock Interview Power Hour

Mock Interview Power Hour

  • Simulates a real, upcoming, or anticipated interview.
  • Performance is assessed and graded using HR scoring rubrics.
  • Your personal report ALONG with the session’s recording provides a copy of the interview questions, score, and feedback.

Career Coaching Modules

Here you have the option to mix and match my services based on your unique needs. You have five (5) modules to select from.

Module 1

Module 1 Value Proposition

We create your Value Proposition which will include your:

  • 3 to 6 top skills
  • Passion
  • Values
  • Personality/Work Ethics

Your Value proposition would be incorporated in your Resume, Cover Letter, LinkedIn Profile, Informational Interviews and Job Interviews.

Module 2

Module 2 - Job Search

We create your Job Search Strategy which includes:

  • Transformational/Mindfulness Coaching
  • Company & Market research
  • Hidden Market Exploration – Effective Cold/unsolicited applications

Module 3

Module 3 - Networking

We create your Networking Strategy which includes:

  • LinkedIn Introduction and Relationship building plan
  • Digital and Real Group Membership
  • Volunteer Activities

Module 4

Module 4 - Confidence

We build your Confidence for:

  • Public Speaking and Presentations
  • Job Interviews
  • Elevator Pitch and Networking events

Module 5

Module 5 - Personal Branding

We build your Personal Branding & Achievement Kit which includes:

  • Resume and CV
  • Cover Letters (Solicited and Unsolicited)
  • LinkedIn Profile Upgrade

These are all included in the Accelerator, Pinnacle and Intensifier programs.

Professional Resume/CV and Cover Letter Writing || Brand Storytelling

Resume and Cover Letter service is the most demanded service as more people would like to better represent their personal brand. Here is the process.
  • You send me a copy of your current Resume so I can provide a critique. Here I look out for career gaps, work contributions and other things Recruiter considers noteworthy. If you do not have a Resume, I will provide you with a Worksheet to insert your raw data.
  • We hop on a Zoom call so I can get to know you better. If your Resume lacks work achievements using the CAR Method, I will ask a few questions to help you reflect.
  • After that discussion, delivery takes 2 to 3 days depending on your career level (Student/Graduate, Entry level, Mid-level technical, Senior/Executive level).
  • You will receive one draft before the final resume and cover letter and one edit for another job vacancy. 😉
  • This service includes a full ATS optimized resume with strategic content creation, a template upgrade best suited for your industry, formatting, and editing. You also have the option to ADD a cover letter tailored to the vacancy or target company.
  • The cost of the resume depends on where you are in your career i.e., your years’ of experience, positions, and your work scope.

LinkedIn Profile Writing Services

Your LinkedIn profile serves as more than just a ‘digital resume.’ It stations your career personal brand. I create/makeover profiles by using keywords (relevant to your industry) which maximises your chances of being found by Recruiters and helps you to tap into the hidden job market. Here is the process.
  • You send me the link to your LinkedIn profile so I can review. Here I look at your profile strength meter, the quality of your content description, the completeness of your brand story, industry keywords, your activities and tone of your achievements. If you do not have a Profile, I will provide you with a Worksheet to insert your raw information.
  • We have a ZOOM call consultation so I can get to know your brand story. Here we discuss your purpose for your LinkedIn Profile. Based on your intentions, I will ADD on a Guidebook on Building your Network and Brand Visibility.
  • You email me your resume along with your LinkedIn Profile credentials.
  • Completion takes about 1 to 2 days depending on which package you select.

All services are geared to encourage and empower you.